Las Vegas attractions for kids

5 of the Most Outstanding Las Vegas Attractions for Kids

Vegas attractions for kids

When you think about Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind is adult fun. However, you will be surprised to know that there are sufficient entertainment and Las Vegas kid attractions that will leave your little ones with an impression that they will carry forever.

Kids, just like adults, love to have their fun and every time you think of going down to Vegas, there is no need to leave your kids behind. Las Vegas attractions for kids are a bonus reason why you should never leave your little ones behind every time you decide to jet to Vegas. In this post, we have compiled a list of sites in Vegas where you can take your little ones so that they can have the fun of their lives.

Site #1: Mount Charleston

Located in the Northwest part of Las Vegas, several miles from Las Vegas, Mt Charleston is one of the kids attractions in Las Vegas. It is under the ownership of the National Reservation. The entrance costs are not standard, as you will be charged depending on the activity that you wish to do with your kids. This means that camping rates are different from trail rates or picnic rates.

Mount Charleston is for people who cannot withstand the heat in Vegas during summer. Because the temperatures can escalate as far as over 110 degrees during summer, cool breezes from a mountain are a welcome option and the fact that Mount Charleston is outside Las Vegas, is a plus for those looking to escape the buzz of a large and busy metropolitan city like Vegas.

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This mountain has been mentioned as one of the most prominent peaks in all of the US. There are many species of trees, birds, animals and even some rare species such as the desert tortoises and wild burrows. Your kids will have so much fun here and you can join in as well.

Site #2: The Las Vegas Natural History Museum, 900 Las Vegas Blvd N

Attractions for kids in Vegas

Who doesn’t love a museum? Kids definitely do and that is why the Las Vegas natural history museum is one of the leading kids attractions Las Vegas. It is located in North Las Vegas and this natural history museum is ideal for the whole family and school-going kids will have so much fun and learn a lot from this museum. Your kids will enjoy seeing various animal species here and exhibitions for animal species that are now extinct. Visiting this museum is like taking a walk down memory lane. The cost varies depending on the age of the kid. Kids who are below two years will get a free pass.

Site #3: The Red Rock Canyon

Located a short distance away from the Strip in Las Vegas, this Canyon is open 7 days a week from 6.00 am to 4.30 pm. Here, the charges are dependent on the mode of transport used. For instance, small cars will pay $7 at the entrance while motorcyclists will pay $3 and commercial vehicles such as limousines and tour vans will pay a $5 charge. This site offers a picturesque view of a beautiful desert as well as the wildlife and attention capturing red cliffs overlooking the Canyon. This site is maintained by the National Conservation body and receives millions of visitors annually.

Site #4: The Sling Shot, 2880 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas

Rated as one of the best kid attractions in Las Vegas, this site is located in the middle of the Circus Circus Hotel casino, which is at the Vegas Strip intersection. There are so many kids’ games here that even parents are tempted to participate and bring out their child side. Little is left to imagination. For example, your kids will love the thrill of being shot up at an incredible, out of this world speed and then the hurtling down that is much more exciting than a paratrooper’s free fall, the Sling Shot is one amazing place where the fun never ends.

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The good thing with the Sling Shot is that parents can participate and have the fun of their lives too. However, if your blood curdles (literary) whenever your husband does 90 mph on the road, you might want to leave the young ones to it. Just watch!

Site #5: The M & M’s World, 3785 Las Vegas Boulevard

Kids attractions in Vegas

Kids have a sweet tooth and you can treat them by taking them here. This site is the mother of all Las Vegas kids attractions in all of Nevada. How would you like to step into a chocolate paradise with your little ones and experience almost every chocolate flavor known to man straight from the kitchen? That experience can only be found in M & M’s world, and here’s the best part, you can have your candy custom-made and have your child’s name engraved on it. You can bet your kids will love you for it.

While we have looked at outdoor attractions for kids in Las Vegas, there are many more indoor attractions. We hope that these attractions for kids in Las Vegas have been of help to you and that the next time you think of flying out to Vegas, you will not leave your little ones behind and have them miss all this amount of fun.

The beauty about taking your kids to Vegas is that you will bond as a family amidst all that fun. Besides, taking your kids to Vegas will have them love you even more and have something to talk about for years to come. Vegas is the best place to get together as a family and enjoy!

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