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Las Vegas Restaurant Guide To Awesome, Affordable Food

Las Vegas is an excellent city that has many world-class things to offer and top on the list of things to do for people who visit Vegas include food. Thus, before you go there, you are welcome at our agency where we are going to give you information regarding dining. You must look at this Las Vegas restaurant guide before you go. Like everything else, food in Las Vegas can be expensive and you need a guide that will teach you where to eat, the kind of food offered and the prices for the same.

Dining at Las Vegas

The best way for you to know the best restaurants in Vegas is to look for the user reviews so that you can get firsthand information about the kind of service that you get there. You will also know the restaurants to avoid. That way, you will not go to Vegas blindly.

Today, Vegas has become one of the most visited eating destinations in the world. Thus if you are a tourist and you would like to give your palates a run for their money, you need to read this Las Vegas dining guide. In this one, we will just bring you a few eating-places on the Strip and elsewhere, but there are many more places you can explore on your own when you get to Vegas.

Andiamo Italian Restaurant

This is one of the best places in Las Vegas to have a steak grilled in open fire, cowboy style. Whether you love your steak rare, if you want ground beef, rice and a huge meatball on the side, this is the place for you to go. From many a Las Vegas restaurant guide, you will see that this kind of place is great for people who are on a romantic dinner date.

Mr. Mamas

This is the place where you will feel like a mama’s girl or boy once again. I hear they have moved over the winter and so they are in a new location, but the customer reviews I read online are very impressive because all I hear is same great food, same great service, same great owner and so on. Go get a huge omelet; I hear they make one with 4 eggs! It will be served with toast and potatoes. This is a very clean restaurant and every person is given a personalized service. Go to Mamas, get a huge serving at a very reasonable price. This is the main reason why many people love this place.

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Lotus of Siam

I know you have guessed what this is about and yes, you are right, it is about Thai and Asian cuisine. Hot spicy curries will carry the day anytime. Most of the reviews posted online say that this is the place to eat large servings of food at very reasonable prices. You will love this restaurant where you will have the time of your life and give your palates a run for their money with hot Asian cuisine. This restaurant is located on Sahara Avenue. Do not let the outside looks discourage you. It is great inside and the food is awesome. The delicious rice and the prawns are to die for! Any Las Vegas dining guide cannot be complete if it does not feature the Lotus of Siam.

Hugo’s Cellar

This one is located on 202 Fremont Street. It is one of the most visited restaurants, thanks to its casual style and setting. Dinner is served between 5.00PM and 10.00PM every day. In addition to the awesome setting and great food, you will also taste the most amazing and tasty wine, as such as you have never experienced before.

Las Vegas dining guide

There are a few things to try put here like Hugo’s coffee, Hugo’s Espresso and Cappuccino as well as Hugo’s coffee for two. All these are experiences that you do not want to pass up. We had to include this restaurant in our Las Vegas restaurant guide.

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For $50 to $60, you can eat all you want and you will have your salads prepared on your table. You will have the best experience ever as you wash the food down with great wine selections.

RX Boiler Room

What a name for a restaurant! But don’t let that get you started thinking about other things because this Las Vegas restaurant will give you more than enough value for your money. You will love it. It is awesome! If you love seafood, you have arrived at the right place. RX, which pronounced “Rick’s” will serve you the most delicious seafood, right in the middle of Las Vegas.

These are just a few of the awesome, affordable restaurants that every Las Vegas restaurant guide should have. You will have an unforgettable experience here.

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