Las Vegas night clubs

Las Vegas Nightclubs: Where to Party at Night

Las Vegas clubs

If you thought New York nightlife is cool, the best Las Vegas club makes it seem like a boring school party. A vibrant nightlife is one of the main things that define Las Vegas. The city boasts of numerous clubs that run all night, with dancing, mingling and drinks of all kinds. If you are a party animal, your vacation to Vegas will quench your thirst for parties.

As the sun sets, another side of the city is unveiled. Las Vegas nightclubs that are usually closed during the day open their doors to numerous tourists and locals. There are sizzling drinks, beautiful women at every corner of the club and of course a DJ to entertain the crowd with nonstop music.

If you are coming to the city soon, you definitely want to know where to party. Do not worry, since we have made you a list of some of the best Las Vegas clubs in the city. The list is based on several things, among them the experience, price, security and other considerations, which we thought may be a concern for you.

XS Nightclub

This is among the high-end best clubs in Vegas BLVD. It is immaculately built with gold on every surface that you can see. The atmosphere inside the club is nice, ambient and very relaxing, with everything looking so expensive. XS oozes luxury, classiness and style from every pore. The dance floor is always occupied with people swaying to great rhythms. All the same, if you feel that the dance hall is suffocating, you can go out to catch a breath of fresh air by the outdoor pool. You may also ask for bottle service as you watch the stars.

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You will find some of the best DJs such as Zedd, Skrillex, Deadmau5 and Avicii. Another good thing about the XS club is that it is close to another hot nightclub, Surrender. You can change venues if you like. The best time to be at the XS is during the Sunday Night Show. This one show makes XS one of the most frequented Vegas clubs.

The 1OAK nightclub

Vegas clubs

1OAK is another of the famous Vegas nightclubs, which we recommend for avid partygoers. It is set at The Mirage. It has an amazing design with a rectangular shaped room, which inclines downwards around the dance floor. This is not just any nightclub out there in Vegas. You may be lucky to meet the Kardashians, who often come to the club. Kim and her husband Kanye West have performed at the club regularly. We recommend that you go there for Flashback Fridays, a show that is characterized with old-school performances.

The Hakkasan

Hakkasan is a nightclub and one of the favorite clubs in Vegas for tourists. You too will fall in love with the club. The nightclub operates on five floors all connected with a string of stairs, an expansive dance floor and many more adornments. In addition, the bar area is spacious and the management was very thoughtful to have the large Ling Ling Lounge. It is a nice place to escape from the rowdy dance hall.

Music is played all night by the best DJs in Las Vegas, such as you will not find in other nightclubs in Vegas. You will get overwhelming mixes from the likes of Afrojack, Tiesto and Calvin Harris. Hakkasan restaurant, which is in the same premises, sells sumptuous meals. If you would like to make the most of your visit to this nightclub, we suggest you go on a Thursday.

The Light nightclub

We know Mandalay Bay as the home for the shark reef aquarium, but only a few people are aware of the Light nightclub that is located around the Bay. This club also hosts the Cirque du Soleil show, which sets the club apart from other nightclubs in Las Vegas. With acrobats hanging from the ceiling and a large screen near the DJ, you will certainly love the show. Baauer is a frequent guest DJ in the club and you can be assured that he never disappoints.

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The Light nightclub gets most visitors during the weekend, so it is best if you went on Wednesday. During this time, it is less crowded although the experience is the same. However, even if the club is named Light, apart from the dance floor, all the other areas are a bit dark. This makes it more of a live concert.

The Marquee nightclub

Vegas nightclubs

For a flashier clubbing, you should try Marquee nightclub. It is based at the Cosmopolitan. It has a large space and several rooms. There is also a library in case you would want to catch up with Grisham’s literary works in the middle of the party. In the outdoor, there is a large swimming pool. Marquee competes with XS to attract locals and tourists on Monday evenings. If you are a single young man, you will get the hottest girls in Vegas in this nightclub. While the club is not as posh as other Las Vegas night clubs such as the Hakkasan and XS, it is a lovely place to party when you are on a slim budget.

The Chateau nightclub

The Chateau nightclub is another Las Vegas club that you should watch out for. It is located in Paris, Las Vegas. They have an amazing dance floors and bar areas. The entire space is lit with sparkling chandeliers. At the end of the elevator, is a patio that allows you to grab some fresh air. While standing in the patio, you can have a great view of the Las Vegas Strip. If you are a fan of bachelor parties or you would like to have yours in the city of Vegas, the Chateau nightclub is known for the many bachelorette parties, which are hosted in the club. A few meters from this Club is the Sugar Factory, which is open for 24 hours daily and it is a nice place to take breakfast after a night of partying in the club.

Hyde Bellagio

This is actually a lodge, but it does have a nightclub environment. They offer good bottle services. Just so you know … Hyde Bellagio is strategically located near the famous fountains of Bellagio. Right from the club, you can clearly see the fountains. When here, you may be lucky to see Paris Hilton, the rich heiress of Conrad Hilton and have the best music from assorted DJs in Las Vegas.


Best nightclubs in vegas

Inside the Venetian stands another of the best nightclubs in Vegas. The most striking thing about the club that sets it apart from many of the others in the city is that it provides great clubbing experience in different rooms. You will also have a taste of Asian cuisine in the restaurant. If you are a fan of the funky Snoop Dogg, do not leave Las Vegas before you see him. He is a frequent performer in the TAO, in his own show “Snoopadelic Cabaret”.

You will get a free show of girls dancing on top of the tables, some in bathtubs and others dancing inside some glass boxes. On Thursdays, there is a great show set for locals as well as for the tourists, which is dubbed “Worship Thursdays”.


Surrender is near the XS nightclub. When you want to have all night dancing and good music running from the best DJs in Vegas, Surrender is the place to go. The nightclub is one of the clubs in Las Vegas that have gotten the honor of hosting headliners such as Ryan Lewis and Macklemore. In the club, there is also a casino and maybe you could win back what you spent in the club. However, the main idea here is to have fun, not to chase bets. Wednesdays are the best times to visit this club.

Now you have the list of all night clubs in Vegas. Your time in Vegas can only get better and the good thing is that your days as well as nights will be kept very busy. Simply go out and spend your nights the best way you know how.

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