What to Pack for Vegas?

So, you have booked tickets for Vegas and you need to think of what to pack for this trip. When you have decided on what to wear for your trip to Vegas, you must know that Vegas is a place where anything goes. You will be able to see the people dressed depending on their mood along with some other comfortable clothes of their choice. Thinking of what to wear for your Vegas trip will depend on the kind of trip that you will have. You need to list down the gigs that are in your list like the shows that you will attend to, parties, places to visit and others.

The time of the year will also be a big factor on the clothes that you need to pack for. What to wear when you go to Vegas if you will be traveling in January is very much different than the ones you need to pack when you go there in August. The temperature in Vegas is not definite through the year. You need to refer to the season list to know the best things to pack for a season. With a printable packing list, you will be able to find help in organizing your luggage and having the best outfits for your trip.

Packing tips

1. Follow the dress codes

You will be overwhelmed when you go in most of the casinos in Vegas. There is no dress code at all. If you will not gamble and you just want to go around the place, there is nothing to worry about the clothes you will wear. You can even go around wearing shorts and sneakers. However, you may want to look your best, just so you will not be turned away and you will not look different among the crowd. But, be rest assured that you will not be judged based on your clothes. The casinos will allow you to gamble regardless of the clothes you have on.

You can also bring a pool cover up if you have plans to swim in the hotel you have booked for. If you want to go clubbing, some of the clubs do have dress codes. They are strictly implementing the dress code for men than it is for women. Men should be in a casual business attire, while women can have any party dress. If you have no plan to dine in a fine dining restaurant like Joel Robuchon, then there’s no need to bring along a formal dress or an elegant cocktail dress in that case.

2. What women must wear in Vegas

What to wear is a common struggle of women nowadays. It can be hard to decide what to pack for a trip, especially in Vegas. However, if you have some ideas in mind or if you have been thinking about it long before you go to bed, then that will be troublesome. Las Vegas is a casual place by day, so there is no need to pack a lot of formal dresses. Casual clothes that are comfortable enough for your body will be of help during daytime.

Those with kids can bring along shorts, tops and jeans for the day. That will make you feel comfortable with kids around. At night time if you have plans to do some romantic dates with your hubby, then it will be best to pack clothes that are meant for dinner. Some casual and comfy clothes along with a perfect flat or wedge. When the day is almost over, it will be more comfortable to have a sexy sleepwear or better yet pajamas and shirt for a comfortable sleep.

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3. What men must wear

What do men have to wear in Vegas? This is not hard as with women. You need to pack according to the activities you will have in Vegas. You cannot live without shorts, jeans, shirt, slacks and polo. You can for a casual business attire at night time if you have plans to go for a fine dine dinner.

4. What to pack for shows

If you have plans to go and watch shows while you are in Vegas, you can also do that. But, what to wear is another story. You can wear whatever you prefer. You can wear jeans and shirt along with sneakers, that will be fine. Just be sure not to wear flops or swimwear. But whatever you prefer is fine if you have no other engagement after the show. If you have plans to go to a casino after the show, then dressing up in a more casual wear is highly suggested.

5. What to wear if you want to go clubbing in Vegas

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The clothes meant for those who wish to go clubbing is a casual business attire for men. They need to be in Collared shirts and slacks, while women must be in dress and casual shoes. You will not be able to see men and women in sneakers and t shirts in casinos unless they are the high rollers.

Printable packing list for a Vegas trip

Here are some of the things that you must wear when you go to Vegas. It will be enough for a 3-4 day stay there. For clothes, you need to have a pair of jeans, a pair of shoes, one is the sneakers and the other one is for a casual or formal event. This is meant for men and women. Cardigans must be on your list. Underwear, tie and suit for men, undies, workout or swim sets and sleepwear.

You can bring a small cross body bag or a small purse to put on your money or cell phone easily. This is also the best anti-theft solution. There must also be evening purse just so you need to go the clubs, casino or parties.

Toiletries and others

You must bring your personal items like toiletries. Though most of the hotels have this, you need to have yours too, just so you can bring them personally wherever you go. Don’t forget to bring a toothbrush, comb, toothpaste, facial moisturizer, hand cream, make up remover, lip balm, sunscreen and medicines like paracetamol and others if you have your own supplements or maintenance.

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