What to see in Vegas

What to See In Las Vegas Free of Charge

Las Vegas what to see

Are you heading to Sin city and wondering what to see in Las Vegas? Well, there are many things to see and do here. We know when you hear of things to see in Las Vegas, your mind automatically registers fees and charges, but you will be pleased to know that there is much to see in Vegas for free.

Las Vegas what to see … that must be in your mind if you are a first-time tourist to this huge metropolitan. Given that Las Vegas is a city where the money does the talking, you will be surprised that you do not have to sell break the bank to enjoy some beautiful sights in Sin City.

Are you on a small budget? If yes, you will be pleased to note that numerous sites in Vegas do not require an entrance fee. Well, some will ask for donations from well-wishers but that is as far as it goes; no pressure whatsoever. Who doesn’t love a good discount every now and then? We all do.

Here are some of the places that you can go without paying a dime …

The Circus Acts, 2880 Las Vegas, Blvd

This is a fun way to enjoy yourself freely in Vegas. The Circus Acts is an outstanding site where you can come with your kids and have fun as a family for free. The circus takes place every day at the Carnival Midway in the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. This circus has been going on for a long time and all you have to get to the sitting area and wait for the circus to happen.

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The CBS TV Research Center, 3799 S. Las Vegas Blvd

Vegas what to see

You have probably watched a number of Sitcoms and movies from CBS. Their Television Network Center sits in Vegas and plays host to millions of visitors every year without a fee. Come and be part of the millions who have visited this center, taken photos and even had their favorite celebrity acts sign an autograph. This research center has polished some of the world’s renowned film directors, actors and scriptwriters. It is quite a masterpiece.

The Silverton Aquarium, 3333-Blue Diamond Rd., Vegas

You cannot claim to have been to Vegas if you have not gone to the Silverton Aquarium. It is one of the top thins in the list of Las Vegas what to see. For some reason, this site is quite therapeutic and boasts of thousands of exotic fish some of which are a rare species. You will be surprised how much time flies while you are having fun at this aquarium. There is no limit and you can watch the fish all day. If you are a 90’s kid who enjoyed watching some Disney shows, you must remember ‘The Little Mermaid’. Come and catch them here at The Silver Aquarium although you might want to lower your expectations since they cannot sing like the ones on TV.

The Fremont Experience, 425 Fremont St., Las Vegas

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, try the Fremont Street Experience and have fun. Bring out the weird side of you and enjoy the glittery and glamorous experience. You will find some unique, traditional looking eateries, bars and hotels. Enjoy shopping once you are done getting in touch with your weird side. You can also enjoy performances from some of the greatest acts in Sin City at the Fremont Experience.

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The Lucky Cat, 3708, S. Las Vegas, Blvd

Have you been feeling unlucky and somewhat jinxed lately? Well, in that case, you might want to try the Lucky Cat mojo in Vegas. There are no age restrictions here and you do not have to book in advance to get in. Just show up and let the fun begin. It’s all for fun! Fun takes the top spot on the list of what to see in Las Vegas.

What to see in Las Vegas Nevada

Here, you stand to learn a lot about the Japanese culture and if you are lucky enough, the Lucky Cat waves at you, which translates to some good fortune all year long. You will be surprised at how much people in Vegas are obsessed with luck, especially those addicted to gambling. Come to the Lucky Cat and coerce the cat into waving at you thus opening a floodgate of luck left, right and center, that is, if you believe in luck.

The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat, 3555- S. Las Vegas Blvd

Is there a sight that surpasses a flock of flamingos? Their fuchsia and white color make them so adorable that you would want to watch them all day. Include a rendezvous with flamingos in your list for what to see in Las Vegas Nevada. Thankfully, you can fulfill your desires here at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. Some of these flamingoes are exotic and rare. Do not be blinded by the name because you are likely to find many other species and wildlife other than the flamingo.

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Some of these species include the Koi fish and exotic ducks. Comb through the grasslands, brooks, waterfalls and see all sorts of flora and fauna. Take as many pictures as you can, as this is a photogenic site. In this habitat, you will actually see where conservation is working best and the kind of work that most people are doing to make the world not only a better place for humans but for animals as well.

Common sense suggests that you should not pay if you can have it free of charge. However, do not hesitate to give a small donation at some of the places to keep the place going. In the meantime, enjoy yourself tremendously in your list of what to see in Las Vegas Nevada. The list is endless, but the above list consists of some of the most amazing experiences you can have in Vegas without having to part with too much money.

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